Q: Badly impacted wisdom teeth,scared of dentist?

A:everytime it wont happen ...as u r pregnant ...fist u have to cosult u r gynec first b4 surgeryRead More »


Q: I'm scared of going to the dentist because my teeth are quite bad...

A:I haven't been in about 5 years because i had a bad experience when i was 12. I was getting a few fillings put in and because i was terrified of the needle i be...Read More »


Q: Why do dentists have such bad teeth?

A:There does not seem to be an epidemic of dentists with bad teeth. Bad breath, orRead More »


Q: Really bad toothache in a cavity but scared of dentists, what to ...

A:i have had a cavity for a few months now and have been too scared to go to the dentist about it as i am petrified. i have just been eating some toast and must h...Read More »


Q: How do you get bad cavity stains of teeth with out going to the d...

A:Eating crunchy foods like apples and drinking...Read More »


scared of dentist bad teeth

Research has confirmed what we ve known all along: that intense embarrassment due to poor dental status or perceived neglect, often with fear of negative .
"Some people have such bad dental phobia that they haven t seen a dentist for years. It s common for us to hear from someone in their twenties or thirties or .
Many people are scared or have had a bad experience at the dentist.It s now been a long time since my last dental visit and I now have several teeth that .
Hi.im 33 year old and im still young and i got bad teeth and I m don t have that. Im so scared of the dentist and could never afford to go private or even pay if i .
i m a dental nurse and have worked on and off for the best part of 20 years.free dental but I was so terrified of what they ll do to me I didn t go.
Millions of people fail to get necessary dental care because they re afraid to go to .About two-thirds of them relate their fear to a bad experience in the dentist s .
Her phobia started in childhood after her dentist said her teeth.places such as the cinema so they wouldn t see how bad they were, she says.
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Yes a Dentist can hire anyone he wants to work in his office even if they are part of his family. I dont understand who the "they" is in the second question, but the family members can work as assistants,front desk people etc but they cannot drill on peoples teeth. The dentist can work on the...

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You should be able to get a copy because they're YOUR records, but you might have to pay for the cost to make a copy or whatever they do.

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My father in law is a dentist and our close family friend's - the wife is a dental hygienist. Dentists have one of the Highest suicide rates of any profession. My father in law always has said do anything But dental school. It is not very rewarding and it entails doing the same tasks day in...