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Sunrise Dental Care is a locally owned dental practice that is licensed and insured. We have a relaxing atmosphere here where you will find high quality service .
Massapequa Dentist Dr. Monica Suri is a well-trained Massapequa Dentist providing excellent dentistry.
"We Change The Way People Go To The Dentist". Welcome to Sunrise Dental Care. When you visit our office, your smile is our top priority. Dr. Sutter and her .
Sunrise Dental offers inexpensive dental solutions in Oregon and Washington. At Sunrise Dental, our patients have complete faith in what we .
Sunrise Dental: Dinah Vice, DDS & Assoc., Chapel Hill, NC. 144 likes · 2 talking about this · 116 were here. At Sunrise Dental, Dr. Dinah Vice, DDS &.
Sunrise Dentistry in Durango practices holistic dentistry. We specialize in mercury-free, whole-body health and dental care. We believe that by choosing us , you .
Visit Sunrise Dental for comprehensive dental care in the Triangle. We offer sedation dentistry & other dental services in Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill. 1801 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, United States (919) 929-3996
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Where can i be seen without insurance an san antonio texas?
Most people don't have dental insurance. Accordingly, most dentists are perfectly happy taking cash. If your asking, which dentist works for free, probably none of them. But maybe you can work out a trade - 20 hours of lawnwork, washing cars, housecleaning, painting, whatever from you, and...

I need braces, but don't have $4000.00 laying around. Will the dentist let me make payments.?
ok..first.. don't call 1 800 dentist!!! trust me.. I manage a dental practice! and we use 1 800 dentist!!! (we pay over $1650 per month to have patients reffered to us) tell them you want a Dr. thet takes payment plans, and they will just give you any random Dr. in the area that may not...

Ungrateful parents?
i know how you feel. my dad was a real jerk when i used to live at home. i would work 12 hr shifts 5-6 days a week, yet anything i bought he considered his because i "lived under his roof". if he didnt like my clothes he would throw them away when i was at work, i bought a radio and he took...

Breast cancer problem??? please help?
In America, 1 in 7 women are now getting breast cancer. That statistic used to be far less and at one time, non existent in the human race. Since the statistic has gotten worse over the last decade or so, it appears that the medical community has NOT solved the problem and is NOT doing a...

Dentist Dental Work Picture available ?
Easy remedy! Your dentist can bond it using a tooth colored (to match your others) composite. They can shape it and it will look like your other teeth. Cost you about $150.00 tops. See your dentist. Your teeth look really great so if I were you - I would get it done.