Q: What is the phone number to the sunset hills dentist located off ...

A:ChaCha Answe.Read More »


Q: Pediatric Dentist in Fenton/Sunset Hills Area

A:Seconding the note on Pediatric Dentistry of Sunset Hills on Watson road. My son LOVES going there, since he was about 3. The place looks like Finding Nemo, the...Read More »


Q: Where is Borders in sunset hills?

A:Borders Bookstore - Books, Music & Movies at 10990 Sunset Hills Plz, Saint Louis,Read More »


Q: Are there Panera Bread in Sunset Hills, Missouri?

A:Yes. Sunset Hills, Missouri, United States[1]Read More »


sunset hills dentist

Pediatric Dentistry of Sunset Hills, Saint Louis, MO. 4834 likes · 397 talking about this · 3207 were here. Our mission is to provide high quality.
4 Reviews of Sunset Hills Dental Group inc "I have extremely high dental anxiety and haven t been to a dentist in over five years. I heard about Dr. Elena Zerega .
At Pediatric Dentistry of Sunset Hills, we re all about the kids! Since opening our doors more than 40 years ago, we ve helped transform thousands of youthful . Contact Us - Pediatric Dentistry of Sunset Hills - Terms of Use - Patient Information
Dr. Beck grew up in Affton and graduated from St. Louis University High School. Upon completing a Biology degree at St Louis University, he received his dental .
Let us care for your smile. Experienced dentists- Professional staff- Always family- friendly- 24-hour emergency care- Make an appointment . Meet our dentists - Make an appointment - Services - For new patients
Welcome to Sunset Hills Family Dental, Your Edwardsville Dentist! Providing dentistry to the Edwardsville and Glen Carbon areas.
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Have you gone to dental school for dental care? cost difference? quality of care? general experience? etc...?
I'm a dentist. Getting work done at a dental school is a double-edged sword. While the care you receive is of good quality, it takes place so slowly and with so much red tape that I consider it to be borderline abusive. You have to remember that you are being treated by a student, who is in-turn...

If I went to Mexico to become a Dentist over there and tried to come back to the California would I have a har?
I do not know the specifics for dentists, but I do know that foreign trained doctors have to undergo difficult testing in the US. Many never are able to practice. Check with the International Dental Program to see what is required.

Any dentist or hygienist out there? How much does a white crown/fillings and veneers materials cost you?
It really depends where you are but in the uk the prices are: Crown ?80 - ?200 White filling ?30 - ?100 Upper Veneer ?80 - ?150 Hope this gives you an idea

Can a health insurance company deny you coverage from a non-listed dentist?
You completely misunderstand how it works. They'll pay however much they say they'll pay, to the dentists on their list. They're not DENYING you anything. They tell you, up front (if you ask), who they pay, and how much they pay. It's up to YOU, to decide if you want to go with the covered...

Getting a job with a dentist assistant???????????,?
Don't let the negativity worry you~ Plenty of entry-level assistants get jobs! How do you think current dental assistants learned what they know? They were taught, and then someone gave them a chance and offered them their first job. No one was born with dental knowledge... 23, 33, 43.....