Q: What is the phone number to the Delicate Art of Dentistry in Vent...

A:Delicate Art of Dentistry 1437 S Victoria Av...Read More »


Q: How is dentistry like art? or is it?

A:Dentistry is like art because the dentist has to be a good artist to be able to sculpt the patient's teeth perfectly, if the dentist is a bad sculptor, then the...Read More »


Q: What is the telephone number for the Art of Modern Dentistry in d...

A:Art of Modern Den...Read More »


Q: Where is Dentistry W A Touch Of Art located?

A:10 Liberty Ln, Latrobe,, PARead More »


the art of dentistry

The Art of Dentistry in Somerset is a full service dental practice. Our Dentists are highly skilled Dental Practitioners, using the latest technology designed to make . 32 Worlds Fair Dr, Somerset, NJ 08873, United States (732) 846-7100
Offers cosmetic dentistry providing dental veneers, bonding, and teeth restoration .
The Art of Dentistry blends state-of-the-art technology with aesthetic design to create your ideal smile. At our Columbia office, we offer personalized care in a .
At the Art of Dental Care, Chicago s best dentists make your smile a work of art! Affordable healthy white teeth for Bucktown, Wicker Park, Logan Square, Lincoln .
Roseville, CA dentist, Dr. Judd is amazingly skilled and experienced. Discover superb Roseville, CA cosmetic dentistry solutions, including cosmetic dentistry, .
Welcome to the website of Dr. Stephen J. Gershberg and The Art Of Dentistry on the Main Line. Our friendly and experienced dental team are committed to .
Dr. Yekel has over 20 years of dental experience working with familes of all generations.
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Medicaid cancelled while in the middle of braces treatment?
I am not sure how dentist and oral surgeons work but at the hospitals there are people that are supposed to help you get the medicaid started. try calling the office to see if there is an insurance specialist there to help you or give you and numbers to call. i can't imagine they wouldn't have...

Dentist app tomorrow? Cost? Help?
dentist i goto (DR BRILL GREAT GUY LOS MALMOS NEW MEXICO) has a Candy-Trade-In program, if you bring him 5 LB candy to keep the teeth on the streets clean hell give you one filling or pull. dentists' near you should have this. if you have to pay its 28 bucks APPROXIMATE. the pains pretty bad

What is the Best major for me to become a Dentist?
Zoology is OU's biology major - they have just given it a different, more specialized name. Any one of the majors you listed, though, will prepare you enough to enter dental school. You must complete four years of dental school before moving on to a specialization.

WTF i wanna get my teeth fixed and there god damn too expensive,,any doctor for veneers in NYC ?
i know dental work can be expensive. i'm a dentist. however they are affordable options esp in the NYC area. depends on how much time. of course the quickest way would be to paid top prices at a private dental office maybe outside NYC. NJ for instance, which would be cheaper. they''re...

My gums hurt after flossing?
My bet is you are flossing wrong and damaging your gums. If you are flossing properly your gums should not be sore. Watch this Video: How to Floss Properly http://video.about.com/dentistry/How-to-...