Q: Where is the nearest dentist in downtown Toronto?

A:If it's urgent, and by the look of your avatar it's an emergency, then there's the Dental Emergency Clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital on Avenue Road just a few blo...Read More »


Q: Good dentist downtown?

A:Dr. Engel in West Ashely on hwy 61 is great - he's caring, gentle, but also very knowledgable. He also works on multiple members of the Stingrays hockey team : ...Read More »


Q: What are some Dentists in downtown salt lake city

A:Closest dentist to downtown SLC: Legacy Dental 1345 East 3900 South... ...MORE...Read More »


Q: How can I find a good, cheap dentist in downtown NYC?

A:Good and cheap are often hard to find together. A good option for people who do not have dental insurance, but still want high quality dental treatment is to vi...Read More »


Q: Downtown dentist in Chelmsford town Essex, fnx

A:Down Town Dental Clinic, 19A High St, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1BE T: 01245256797 HourRead More »


the downtown dentist

Downtown Dental was opened in July of 2012 to serve the growing dental health needs of the downtown community. Downtown Dental offers quality, .
3 Reviews of The Downtown Dentist "Unlike my husband, I m not a huge fan of the dentist. I don t have great teeth, so I usually need to have some unhappy .
Dr. Michael Costello, We Are Now CONFIDENTAL, The Same Team of Caring Professionals, Grant Park Dental & Downtown Dental Group. Payment options - Grant park dental - Downtown dental group - Bridge
Dental Services. Make your trip to the family dentist a comfortable one. Both adults and kids enjoy the hospitality and attentiveness of the staff at the office of Kelli .
Welcome to the Downtown Dental Group and the Center for Dental Sleep Medicine. We believe that we have been given a golden opportunity to improve the .
Downtown Dental provides friendly and compassionate care to patients of all ages. Located in the heart of Downtown Nashville.
The Downtown Dentist takes a modern approach to classic dental health committed to oral health, ethics science, and professional advancement. Balance is . 105 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, United States (719) 260-0216
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My girlfriend had 23 teeth removed the other day under a local anasthetic only. is this bad dentistry
No it is not bad dentistry. See my avatar? That is my new smile. I have dental implants. I had all my teeth pulled implants placed and my new teeth attached in one 6 hour surgery with only anesthesia. Not even laughing gas. So it is normal. I feel for your girl friend. Why did she lose her...

Has anyone had any BAD experiences with Dr. Shoemaker in Memphis TN? I've heard he can be very rude & hateful
If you are looking for an endodontist, our office refers a lot to Dr. Brad Harris. As far as a general dentist you have done the best thing for referral, that is asking friends, coworkers etc. They will give you some good recommendations from past experience w/ the dentist & staff. Good...

Need next day dental coverage!!?
You can try www.dentemax.com The cost is usually between 500-1000.00 for the root canal and then 500.00-1000.00 for the crown he will need after wards...if he has other molars, my advice is to have it pulled. I am not a dentist but I just went through this last week and you can survive without...

I need a dentist that will work with an uninsured patient?
Look to see if there are any dental schools in your area. They often have low priced clinics. Look online also for health and dental clinics. If you can't find any, call a dental school and ask them where to look, and whether they know of a dentist who will work with you on a payment plan...

Bachelors of science?
You don't need a B.S. degree to apply to a School of Dentistry. You need a genuine Bachelor's degree, but it could be a B.S. or a B.A. or any other degree in any subject so long as you complete pre-dentistry requisite courses. You should take a Bachelor's degree in a field that offers good...