416 dentist good or not?

416 dentist good or not?

416 dentist good or not?



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Dentist! are they called doctors??
this is a phenomena which came over from the States a few years ago, there everyone and his brother, and his brothers friend call themselves doctor. This includes dentist, vets and chiropractors! Medical doctors in hospital and GPs in UK are generally M.B.s which stands for Bachelor of Medicine...

How much do custom mouth guards cost?
I have to wear a mouth guard for hockey and I went through at least 20 of them to find one I liked. I hate all mouth guards because I can't breath well with them and it is really uncomfortable. Then I found the Under Armour O-Flow Mouth Guard. It is amazing. You can breath really easily and...

A site like Yelp to help me find dentist?
Yelp.com often has a link to dental practices you are checking out. But although Yelp is a good guide, their reviews may be misleading. For a fact, I know crappy dentists who have good reviews on Yelp and some bad reviews are edited out for dentists who pay for advertising on Yelp.com so be...

Any good dentistry schools in US preferably CA or NY?
I work in our local Dental society, and a LOT of the dentists I've seen have gone to the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. I'm not sure "how" good it is, but I've seen a LOT of dentists have degrees from there.... IT's in Sacramento, CA. Link below.

Who really is the best cosmetic dentist in dallas?
You need to ask people in the Dallas area this question.