Dental school?

Dental school?

Dental school?


I'm a dentist. First off, you'll apply to multiple schools. You may get into UF, and you may not. I know for a fact that UF strongly prefers Florida residents, and takes only one or two out-of-state students. Regardless, you'll go wherever you can. If it's UF, great. If it's some expensive private school, great. You'll have no trouble paying off your loans. So, how hard is it to get into dental school? Almost as hard as it is to get into medical school.


U of Missouri has a fast track 6 ur program FYI





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Can anyone( Specially Dental Students or Dentists) tell, how to work/volunteer or intern for a Dentist?
My husband used to be a dental assistant and office manager in the Army and at some offices. What you need to do is go to some of your local dentists, speak to the office manager, and tell them what you plan to do and ask them if they might help you gain some experience to volunteer. If you...

Baylor (texas) college of dentistry.?
You can't compare schools overall if you're just talking about dentistry. Baylor's dental school is #10, and UT-Dallas' dental school is #19. Texas A&M doesn't have a dental school.

Can anybody please tell me the top most colleges in dentistry?
i know univerisity of minnesota has a great medical program. 70% of dentists in minnesota graduated from there

Would Obama be ruined if it came out that he had all his teeth capped?
Nah, hasn't ruined me yet. But seriously, I really don't think it would make a difference. Personally I think it would be a boon for the cosmetic dentistry industry. God bless! MM

Where can i find a dentist who accept medicaid in canton mississippi?
Call the Dept of Social Services and they will give you a list of providers.