Which one should I pick to become a General Dentist?

Which one should I pick to become a General Dentist?

Which one should I pick to become a General Dentist?



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Is university of medicine and dentistry of new jersey a good school?
This consumer site may have reviews by former students about the school: http://www.studentsreview.com and can search and then click 'comments' if there are any. This site has admissions requirements for the Nurse Midwifery program at the 'school of health related professions' and that includes...

Any recommendations for doctors and dentists in the dallas, tx area?
Dr. Regina Powe for dentist Dr. Sheryl Cowan for a regular Doctor

What are some masters programs/academies/schools whose acceptance is not based on someones undergraduate degre?
First, no master's degree absolutely requires that your bachelor's major be the same. They may well require that you have an equivalent preparation (usually defined as 30+ hours in the subject or closely related) though. Very many won't care as much about your undergrad major as other important...

I have Metlife insurance....?
the company does offer a policy that covers braces but whether or not your dad has opted for that policy, or if he has how much you have to pay, is not something we can tell you. you can call the number on your insurance card and ask or you can have the dentist/orthodontist call and ask, or...

I live in Madison,Wis. I'm in need of a dentist who will accept my medical assistance?
I heard a commerical on the radio recently for one, but I don't remember the name. There is at least on in Madison though. Maybe Oak Park Dental? That's as much help as I can offer right now. Sorry.