Questions about Cosmetic Dentistry?

Questions about Cosmetic Dentistry?

Questions about Cosmetic Dentistry?



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Why we need esthetics in dentistry?
Aesthetics (or esthetics if you're using American English.. bah humbug) just means making things look attractive. In dentistry the purpose is to improve patients' appearance, and perhaps give them increased confidence. Examples in conservative dentistry would be things like veneers on discoloured...

Where can i get dentist for low income and disabled?
IF you live in a big city such as Los Angeles, California you can find dentists who are licensed in their country but not here in the USA. I go to the school of Dentistry at UC but even there things are expensive. Also it is hard to arrange for a payment plan. They want all cash. A crown...

Digital Camera for Dentistry ?? Samsung S85 or SOny DSC-W55 ?
Zoom is less critical unless your taking the picture from the other side of the room and using a tripod. Instead you will want a digicam with good macro shooting capability. Also you'll want a camera that focuses quickly even in lower light situations (like the inside of someones mouth. I'd...

Low-income dentists in san diego?
Western Dental Centers have good dentists and have their own financing.

We had the same issue. You will not have dental coverage for 1 month...that is true. My exam cost $80. I needed my wisdom teeth out too, but the dentist gave me an antibiotic prescription, and said we could wait a month. Once your coverage starts, you can go to the united concordia tricare...