A GOOD DENTIST "periodontal"?

A GOOD DENTIST "periodontal"?

A GOOD DENTIST "periodontal"?


Actually, I want to clarify one thing: periodontist is a dentist specialist, orthordontist is also a specialist, but they just handle teeth for different purposes. Periodontists are basically dealing with gum problem while orthordontists are for cosmetics purposes. I don't know why you think you need a periodontist just because you had bad experience with your dentist and orthordontist. Anyway, I heard this periodontist is pretty good Dr. Miles Madison. Here is the website: www.beverlyhillsperio.com Regarding whether they will treat you fairly and not just after your money, I don't know about that, I personally do not have experience with them. But you can search them online to see how others evaluate their services.



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