After scaling/root planning, my teeth are very sensitive and one dentist told me to use a toothpaste with?

After scaling/root planning, my teeth are very sensitive and one dentist told me to use a toothpaste with?

After scaling/root planning, my teeth are very sensitive and one dentist told me to use a toothpaste with?


I'm a dentist. Any dentist who tells you that fluoride sheds enamel should have not only his license, but his doctoral degree summarily revoked. Fluoride not only does not "shed enamel", it strengthens it and makes it less prone to damage from bacterial acids. Only in excess (which, as far as I know, is impossible for adults) can it be harmful to the enamel. Sensodyne toothpaste works for some, and not others. If it does for you, go ahead and use it. To be honest, toothpastes are one in the same as far as I'm long as they have fluoride in them. Toothpastes, believe it or not, contain (again, as far as I know) only one thing that hampers bacterial propogation: fluoride. And that is just a quasi function of fluoride, not its intended purpose. Keeping bacteria away from your teeth is accomplished mechanically (from brushing), not chemotherapeutically. Toothpaste is little more than a paste containing fluoride, abrasives, and a material that makes it form suds when agitated. Beyond that, it is the bristles of your tooth brush (and your floss) rubbing back and forth across your teeth that dislodge the bacterial plaque from your teeth and prevent decay. Toothpaste's abrasives merely improve the efficiency of the brush's work. It also serves as a vehicle to deliver fluoride to your teeth.


use sensodyne w/o fluoride. dr sam im not but anything cold will numb your gums



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