Any dentists near Cicero, IL that take Predent HMO? Why not?

Any dentists near Cicero, IL that take Predent HMO? Why not?

Any dentists near Cicero, IL that take Predent HMO? Why not?



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Can I get a refund from my dentist for doing a filling and root canal that will have to be completely redone?
The first thing I would do is to contact this dentist and to express your dissatisfaction and concerns. Most dentists will listen to you and try to correct any misconceptions on your part or errors on his part. This may very well include not charging or forgiving what you owe him. Be nice...

Do you think Clara Harris should be in jail or freed?
Does being successful excuse anyone for murdering ??? She had a choice just like everyone else and now she is where all murders belong in prison. Perhaps someday she will be freed but meantime anyone who commits a crime successful or not is no excuse .

I was diagnosed with hepatitus C, but the DR. said it has no sign of being active?
Haven't you heard? HCV (Hep C) isn't just for IV drug users any more. Sorry, don't mean to be flippant, but so much BS is out there that I get PO'ed about it at times. As you've sadly learned, there are many ways to pick up HCV that have nothing to do with needles. HCV is a blood / blood virus...

Dental emergency ....I dont have any money and am in a lot pain.. i live in los angeles.....what can i do?
for the pain: take OTC ibuprofen like motrin. OTC eugenol has helped some people with the throbbing pulsing pain too. eugenol is a natural oil that dentists use all the time to sedate pulps that are infected or irritated. keep the area clean, gurgle warm salty water, avoid smoking. to see...

Can someone give me a list of careers in the medical field?
Acupuncturist An ancient Chinese medical practice that is gaining in popularity. Anesthesiologist Help make surgery as painless as possible. Athletic Therapist Helping injured athletes return to the game and designing training programs to keep them there. Biomedical Engineer Use high tech engineering...