Any dentists working pro bono these days?

Any dentists working pro bono these days?

Any dentists working pro bono these days?


Not many do, but dental schools may help. Check for dental colleges in your area.


I live in NYC, and the NYU Dental School do have 4th year students treating patients pro bono.


Ohhhh tooth pain, one of the worst!!! Most large hospitals...Usually ya' general city, or state hospital has a dental school, of some form of dentistry...Due to accidents, such as auto etc. While paying my dues in ER, every hospital I was at did. Also might check ya' local health department??? I know here in CO. there are numerous dentist whom do such work. Another option is ya' food stamp, wic, etc. government programs??? Any mentioned above, may at least be able to direct ya'??? Doesn't hurt to call???



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