Any one that lives in Cincinnati ohio?

Any one that lives in Cincinnati ohio?

Any one that lives in Cincinnati ohio?


i like living in cincinnati its a nice place to live its probably the same as living in toledo just looks different


Cincinnati is 180 degrees out from Toledo. Cincinnati - OUTSIDE THE CITY - is a nice place. The city is a poop hole thanks in part to the people that continue to vote for the same idiots that run the place. Cincinnati is close to everything, if you draw a circle, going 300 miles out, you will see that a major portion of the USA is only a days drive. If you have to live in Hamilton county, then check out Delhi to the west and Anderson to the east. I like the east side myself, grew up there, lived there for 50 years. The nice thing about the east, is when you drive to work and when you head home, the sun is behind you, so you are not always driving into the sun. Big lance is a bitter druggie.




cincinnati is a great place....thats why after 7 years my parents asked me if i wanted to move and i said no so ive lived there my whole life. born there


email me at ive lived in cincinnati for years, i answered your question, but my answer was too long! it took me 2hours too write, if you email me, ill copy n paste it too youre email link for you.... cincinnati is okay, a bit boring at times, but a sports town.... i have a long email ready for you outlining the city, where too live, costs, the politics, the food, entertainment, sports, the healthcare, fun things too do etc... safe places too live! where not too live! thanks! Ie. i would love too have emailed you but youre email is blocked....


It depends where at you live. I live in Northern Kentucky and love it. I go to school in Cincinnati and I hate the city. The areas around the city are nice though.



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