Anybody experienced thundersnow?

Anybody experienced thundersnow?

Anybody experienced thundersnow?


It happens frequently in Canada. End of story.



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U of M dental Clinics?
Yep, the University of Minnesota's School of Dentistry is in downtown Minneapolis. If you are in the Minneapolis area, you should give them a call and see if they are taking new patients. Good luck.

UCLA, USC, UCSF, University of the Pacific, or Loma Linda -- Which one for School of Dentistry?
Most of my friends went to UCSF or UCLA. UCSF is the best. Here is an excellent website to compare:

How much do xrays and teeth cleaning cost?
Sorry this is longggggg I'm not sure how it is in other states, but here in Massachusetts, the dental insurance companies started to make it so we could buy dental insurance because here in Massachusetts, we have to have health insurance or we get fined close to the cost of what it would have...

Can't find a Bergen county, Nj orthodontist?
I don't know if these orthodontists are near where you live. I was just trying to look up some for you in Bergen County. Here are a couple, I don't know what they charge, but just trying to help. I also work for a company that offers an affordable discount dental plan for $19.95 a month....

I want to do dentistry but grades aren't good ? ?
Hello. The British Dental Association has a list of A-level requirements for different universities. I suggest you look up dentistry courses on the UCAS course search and have a look at the entrance requirements section. You may find that your GCSEs...