Anyone knows a dentist named Roby Manolo in kerala?

Anyone knows a dentist named Roby Manolo in kerala?

Anyone knows a dentist named Roby Manolo in kerala?


No dear..Try google or orkut.



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Please, ?could you check my text?
We are a Dentistry Center dedicated to offering integrated services in all dental specialties. We emphasize the importance of the dental aesthetic and the oral health because today having a beautiful and pleasant smile is an important part of our presentation. We rely on Specialist staff, high...

How do you know what you need from a doctor and that they aren't just chargine more, because they can?
Honestly, the only thing you can do, is go to ANOTHER doctor, and pay a SECOND fee, and get their opinion. Yes, you're absolutely right - we OVERTEST, and OVERDIAGNOSE here in the USA rampantly - it achieves several goals (none of them yours): 1. It makes more money for the providers 2. It...

Damon braces?
OK well danom braces are for bad teeth. Ivisilign is for mostly your top front teeth i think because my dad has invisilign and he has on ever had it on the top . And when i got my braces they costs 5000 bucks!! but that is only because when my mom asked the dentist which is the best one from...

I have been deaf for 5 days due to a dental issue, is this applicable to be a dental emergecy?
Firstly, if the tooth is infected they will do nothing until the infection has been cleared up - you will need to take a course of antibiotics before a dentist can do an extraction or a filling. If you don't have antibiotics yet, get an emergency appointment so that you can start taking them...