Architect or Dentist?

Architect or Dentist?

Architect or Dentist?


who cares what you like be a dentist more money = happiness yeah the job is boring but you can take a vacation and travel anywhere you will be able to afford a house a nice car and the most important is not worrying about not getting a job


I'd be going as an architect... You get your training/degree then you can go and work in a firm just drawing and being creative to make money. From there you can work your way up, and even start your own firm. I've got a friend from school whose parents are both architects and own their own firm, they make substantially more than a dentist does... And they wake up in the morning looking forward to doing a couple of hours drawing/being creative before they head out to do whatever they want with their afternoon. It is a really satisfying job, especially when you can design this house or whatever then go and watch it being made, then the final product - something that you made from nothing. Much more fun that going and looking in people's mouths and telling them to brush more... And what's life without a bit of risk!?!?! If you're not certain with architecture, you could go down the industrial designer/art director route. It's a little more stable, earns the same sort of money and can lead to amazing careers. Art directors often work in advertising agencies, media corporations (mags, newspapers and TV) and are responsible for creating concepts for ads, TV graphics, newspapers, magazines etc etc. You come up with how you want the thing to work out, the sort of relationship between graphics and text, colours, logos and everything, then work with photographers, graphic designers and everyone to bring that vision to life. Also very satisfying and always in demand. Hope this helps, I can guarantee that you will change your mind at least once a month for the next 4 years, the most important thing to remember is to follow your passions - being happy is so much more important than an overly lavish lifestyle, but it is important to think about how you will support yourself and your family comfortably. If you follow your passions then this will be an easy task.



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