Are dentists open on a Saturday in Shanghai?

Are dentists open on a Saturday in Shanghai?

Are dentists open on a Saturday in Shanghai?


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Absolutely. Just dial information and ask an operator for the nearest dentist to your hotel. Most Shanghai telephone operators speak English. Ask the operator if she speaks English and if she cannot, she will transfer you to an English speaking operator.


When I lived in Beijing, I found dentists to be open on both Saturdays and Sundays! Arrail Dental provides excellent services. You can find them at: Tel: (86-21)-53966539 Fax: (86-21)-53965971 Add: Room 204, Lippo Plaza, 222 Huai Hai Zhong Road, Shanghai 200021 E-mail: 24 Hours Emergency Line:13816902600 Tel: (86-21)-58368100 Fax: (86-21)-58368690 Add: Room 417, Huarun Times Square, 500 Zhangyang Road,Shanghai 200122 E-mail: 24 Hours Emergency Line:13816902600 Tel: (86-21)-64737733 Fax: (86-21)-64720758 Add: 2F, Jinguo Garden, 245 Tianping Road, Xujiahui ,Shanghai 200003 E-mail: 24 Hours Emergency Line:13816902600 You can find maps to their offices here: Good luck! I hope your tooth feels better soon!


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Everything is open all of the time in Shanghai. Contact your hotel's front desk and ask for a referral to a dentist. You can be seen almost immediately in most cases.


Check online. :) And most likely, yes they are open. You just need to locate one. Hope you get better!


yes they are open. and ARRAIL dental is also my dentist. all dentists there speak english.



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