Are Obama's Approval Ratings Up From His Doctor's Rally Side Show?

Are Obama's Approval Ratings Up From His Doctor's Rally Side Show?

Are Obama's Approval Ratings Up From His Doctor's Rally Side Show?


Another 'dog and pony' show by Obama. Probably some of those 'doctors' hold Juris Doctorates - lawyers, ha ha. And any doctor who would compromise himself or herself as to play dress up for a photo-op with President Narcissist, isn't worth their weight in crap. Yes, there was a real rally with real doctors last week against the public option, but no one reported on it. I wish people would wake up and realize that almost ALL of US media is censored. I find out more about what is going on in the US by accessing international media sources. As far as Obama's approval ratings - who trusts polls anyway, and even if they are, it just goes to show you how naive and ignorant people are. Obama is a danger to this country.....period,..... and I don't care who 'approves' of him or not. They will all be sorry when the crap really hits the fan!


Well I am loosing my DR. here in calif. he cannot afford and is moving to another state, to work in a hospital, he is one unhappy camper, The administration we are in now, needs to let their head office worker go. along with the rest of the commie crap. I and many others including demos-repubs are mad as hell, this is a free nation and HE needs to stop all the BS and run this nation the way it should be run. One nation under GOD.............I cannot believe with all that is going on that people on here are wanting to vote for him again in 2012, must be small children who know not what they say!!! God bless our country, AMEN



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