Are there any African Afmerican dentist in Huntsville, AL?

Are there any African Afmerican dentist in Huntsville, AL?

Are there any African Afmerican dentist in Huntsville, AL?



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Looking for a friendly dentist who is not greeedy for money-ny one there?
It's easy to do - I wish I'd learned this trick a long time ago. Try to find a dentist that caters to younger children, or a dentist that kids seem to really like. Most of the 'greedy' dentists you speak of don't like to waste their time comforting small children in a situation where an adult...

Why do dentists recommend toothpastes that prevent caries, that can actually lower their profits?
Well dentists are used for more than just filling cavities. Part of their job is educating their patients about proper oral care, not giving them bad information to cause them to have to come back. If you were a dentist and you told your patients things that would cause decay or other problems...

How much do teeth bleaching procedures at the dentist office generally cost?
mine cost $300 but that was about 6 years ago - that included the mold, custom-made trays, and bleaching gel. it might be more affordable now. but try the crest strips first... they might do the trick. and no, definitely not covered by insurance.

At ur Dentist, is zoom or home whitening trays better?
They both will achieve a white smile. The difference is the cost and time they take. Zoom is about $200-$400. Home whitening trays are around $30. When you do Zoom in-office you will notice within 24 hrs of doing it, your teeth will have whitened 2-3 shades whiter. It takes the home trays a...

Anybody out there been through this?
I haven't been in that, and I feel for you. I just want to mention, I don't really understand why, but men seem to "deal with it" much differently than women do, so that if he and his brother aren't dealing with it in a way you understand doesn't mean they aren't at all. I always think of...