Attention Dentist HELP!?

Attention Dentist HELP!?

Attention Dentist HELP!?



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Alternatives to teeeth bonding?
There are many treatment to get straighter whiter teeth. Dr. Rabanus is currently the only cosmetic dentist in San Francisco who is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). You can check more here

Does anyone know which is good website ,where you can see best rating for dentist.some website r paid by denti?
Yeah, I'm not sure of a universal site like that but... is one I'm aware of. The have local ratings and reviews for Arizona.

How to get into Pediatric Dentistry?
Take things one thing at a time. Go to a good four year college and take as much Biology and Chemistry as possible. Then apply to dental school. After you obtain your DDS you can take courses in pediatric dentistry./

Can I go to Stanford if I want to be a dentist?
You can at least do your undergrad work at Stanford, if you can get in [it's as or more competitive than the Ivy League schools]. Not sure whether Stanford has a dental school or not, but you could look it up on the website.

Dentistry help!?
Hi, You can get very useful info related your query from . The website has highly useful resources on detal care. Check it out! Happy Smiling!!