Australians, I really need your help.?

Australians, I really need your help.?

Australians, I really need your help.?


the weather ranges from 2 deg c in winter at night to 45deg c at midday in summer you will need at least AU$200 a week for accomodation and food there are plenty of casual jobs around if you know where to look but the pay is bad entertainment is varied as melbourne is a large city - some is free


Melbourne is a great city - it has been consistantly rated as the World's most liveable city. The weather is inconsistent. It is known for having 4 seasons in one day. Entertainment is ample - sports events, pubs and clubs, concerts aplenty. Not much in terms of great beaches - do some travelling to other parts of the country/state. In terms of employment, that depends on what you are studying. Have fun.


Melbourne is a very expensive place to live. It is great though just expensive. Adelaide is the number one city in Australia for students and it is considerably cheaper to live here too. Adelaide is a great place to live and less crowded too.


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