Baby Life Story Anyone.. Encore, do you want more?

Baby Life Story Anyone.. Encore, do you want more?

Baby Life Story Anyone.. Encore, do you want more?


1. Skylar "Skye" Marie 2. Mackenzie Andalyne 3. Jacob Miles, Joshua Riley and Matthew Jordan


1. Shannyn *Shannon* Denise. 2. Sophie Andalyne. 3. Skyler Josh, Seth Jesse, and Sterling James. My husband would be Jesse =] I am now a Mommy to - Kinsley,Georgina,Scarlett, Michael,Shannyn,Sophie,Skyler,Seth, and Sterling.


1. Siena Louise 2. Mallory Adalyne 3. Weston Alexander, Jaxon Timothy, and Becklin Richard I would have Siena, Mallory, Weston, Jax, and Becklin


Ew what horrible names for girls - I think I'll change then because a) I don't like boys names on girls, b) I don't like made up names and c) I don't like incorrect spellings. Georgina is ok. May is beautiful when spelled correctly. Leigh is a boys name and is actually pronounced lay. Kinsley is horrible and made up. I'll keep Georgina and May Their new names are Georgina May & Rosalie Janaya. I'm also changing his first daughters middle name because Ray is a boys name regardless of how you spell it. 1 - Georgina May, Rosalie Janaya are my daughters - Scarlett Ruby & Michael James are his kids - Our new daughter is Melanie Elizabeth 2 - Victoria Andalyne (Horrible made up middle name yuck) 3 - Nathaniel Jacob, Alexander Lee & Elijah Ray


1. Katherine Sophia 2. Caroline Andalyne 3. Benjamin Riley, Landon Zachary, & Aiden Nicholas So I Have: Kinsley, Georgie, Scarlett, Michael, Katey, Caroline, Ben, Landon, & Aiden[¦] .


1) I have such a gorgeous child! Celia Adelaide 2) Lily Andalyne 3) Jude Lachlan, Nathaniel Graham, and Callum Avery


Scarlett Rae, Michael James, Kinsley Mae, Georgina Leigh, Evangeline Rose, Maisey Andalyne, Shane Patrick, Gavin James, and Blake Presley. :] this was cute, ENCORE!


1. Taylor Lauren 2. Maggie Andalyne 3. Mason Jack, Lucas Scott, Conor James


1. Saskia Rose 2. Tegan Andalyne 3. Dakota Hunter, Cory Aiden, Tyler Weston



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