Bad dentistry, no infection control, Who do I call?

Bad dentistry, no infection control, Who do I call?

Bad dentistry, no infection control, Who do I call?


The CDC has standards for infection control in dentistry, I'm sure you could visit the website and get the hot line phone number. As far as lack of sterilization, you should be documenting as you sterilize. I'm not sure about dentistry, but this is common practice for health care facilities. Also, before sterilization can occur, the instruments must be properly decontaminated in an enzyme solution. Biological tests should be performed at a minimum of once a week. For a more comprehensive guide to best sterilization practices visit the AAMI, or AORN websites. Here is the CDC's dentistry's guidelines: I commend you in wanting to protect your patients, please report him. He is endangering the public.


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I would say, you probably need to contact your local Health Board. You should be able to find a website, easily. I am not sure about the procedure, as far as questioning employees and the like. It would depend on the severity of the accusations. They sound terrible to me, but I am also not entirely sure what is required to happen in a dentist's office. If a business is shut down, it's employees will get unemployment or severance packages. Good luck


The dentist has a license, and the board of dentistry in his state would have a mechanism for reporting against his license. It is usually anonymous. It is for "bad" dentists, which fits this description. Please, please call them.



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