Best college?

Best college?

Best college?


You don't major in orthedontistry in college. That would be something you study in grad school.


Harvard, Princeton, Duke etc....



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How do you become a dentist?
AT LEAST 3 years of undergrad work but preferably a Bachelor's degree (follow the dentistry path and major in Chemistry) along with 4 years of dental school. Dentist median wage is $73.70 per hour. The lowest 10% earn $26.56 per hour and those in the upper 10% earn more than $80.00 per hour...

Nigerian rapist allowed to stay because deporting him would interfere with his right to family life?
absolutely shocking! I was talking to a lady in the dentist today and she said her grandson who is 5 months old, was born with a skull deformity and the NHS won't pay 2k for a helmet which will change the shape of his head into a more 'normal' one. she's having to sell her car to pay for it...

Hello, If you have time read my page horror ( =] ) can you give me a describing on a creepy dentist?
Get rid of those nasty adjectives and adverbs. Let me show you. The day brought misery to all. The boy sat on a bench. He hoped someone would notice him. He felt different, and school was difficult for him. Now isn't that more real to you when you read it this way? That's because I let...

I need a weekend dentist in illinois, kankakee, champaign, joliet areas. Anyone know a good weekend dentist?
Weekend Dentist Illinois City Illinois City, IL 61259 USA Phone: (877) 214-5454 Call (877) 214-5454 Now! Find a Dentist Open Weekends! Open 24-hours – 7 days a week

Teeth/Dentist question?
Many dentists will use a long wooden stick w/ cotton on the end to rub topical antesthetic (sp?) on your gum. The topical is like like the numbing medicine you'd buy over the counter- Ambisol. (sp?) Sorry, I can't spell today!! It will kinda numb your gums enough to hopefully make you not feel...