Best college?

Best college?

Best college?


You don't major in orthedontistry in college. That would be something you study in grad school.


Harvard, Princeton, Duke etc....



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Phobia of the dentist, what can I do?
1. Tell the dentist about your fears. This information will help the dentist determine how to best manage and address those fears. By letting the dentist know exactly why the experience is difficult for you, you will feel more control in the examination chair. 2. Remember that dental procedures...

Looking for a Dentist that practices Waterlase Dentistry in the Dayton, Cincinnati area that accepts Guardian?
look in the phone book if they have a waterlase they probobly advertise. I am from canada so I don't know what guardian is but if its a PPO or an HMO you may not find someone with a waterlase who will accept it. That laser costs alot of money and the amount dentist are paid from PPOs and...

Palm Springs Florida Dental Care?
Sorry to hear you are in pain. You can call the dental clinic at the health department. Caridad Clinic will also see you using a fee scale. They adjust their fee according to your income (the less you make, the less you have to pay). Good luck Dentist in West Palm Beach Florida Carlos Boudet...

How to get into Pediatric Dentistry?
Take things one thing at a time. Go to a good four year college and take as much Biology and Chemistry as possible. Then apply to dental school. After you obtain your DDS you can take courses in pediatric dentistry./