Best teeth whitening method?

Best teeth whitening method?

Best teeth whitening method?


ive been using crest whitestrips for probably at least 5yrs now and they are amazing...i like the premium ones best...they work great and arent expensive at all :) the only down side is they might make ur teeth a little sensitive to hot or cold but once u stop using them that should go away...hope this helped and good luck! oh and i think if u keep ur receipt and use all the whitestrips, crest will give u ur money back if u think they didnt work so u cant go wrong trying them!!!


my dentist said the best method is crest whitestrips, but i haven't tried them yet.


I've found that 'Pearl' can be really good. Its just basically your normal toothpaste, but after brushing my teeth with it for a few weeks, i could noticeable see them getting whiter. To be honest, i'm not sure if it damages your teeth, but mine seem perfectly undamaged. On the plus, its really cheap, it works, and you can buy it almost anywhere. Pivet. (:



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