Best Teeth Whitening Product?

Best Teeth Whitening Product?

Best Teeth Whitening Product?


You can do what I'm doing. At your dentist they have whitening that you can take home. You don't have to do it in the office. They take molds of your teeth and give you the bleach to put in the trays. Mine is called Opalescence. I believe that is how it is spelled. It was $50 for a month of bleaching. I noticed a different after 2 days. And I just went back, after only 2 1/2 weeks I am 5 shades lighter..


If you don't want to go through the expense of your dentist doing it. Crest make a whitening called Night Effects and did wonders on whitening my teeth.


Commercial tooth whiteners use hydrogen peroxide and are expensive and inconvenient. A cheap and natural tooth whitening home remedy uses few strawberries but certain precautions have to be



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