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Where is a affordable dentist to extrct teeth in indiana( terra haute area)?
Call the ADA - American Dentist Association and they will recommend someone or call an Orthodontist and ask the people in the front office who they send their patients too

Whats a good cal state to go to in order to become a dentist assistant?
First of all, an orthodontist is NOT a dental assistant. An orthodontist is a SPECIALIST in a particular field of dentistry- one who corrects the bite and straightens the teeth. A dental assistant is one who ASSISTS the actual dentist. Junior colleges have dental assisting programs, but I...

Price of consultation of wisdom teeth extraction?
Call around to other dentist and oral surgeons and see what they charge for normal consultation. Depending on the condition of your wisdom teeth, a general dentist might be able to take them out instead of an oral surgeon. You just have to call around and find one who does. But that might save...

Are there any Dental Hygienists from Michigan here?
oh my god i cant believe that! in NY its crazy dentists send us letters begging us to work for them. i made 42 an hr right out of school with no experience. try and see if they have any temp agencies there like dental staffers or move its worth it. i used to make over 400 a day temping

Free low cost dentists in Washington DC.?
Howard University provides a low cost dental care clinic. It is not free, and they will expect you to pay or present insurance at the time of your visit. But the cost is much lower than what you would pay in a private office. Naturally, you will be treated by student dentists, working under...