Calling all horse gurus!?

Calling all horse gurus!?

Calling all horse gurus!?


I guess the cost kind of depends on your area but.... I board at a nice facility, someone cleans my stall and theirs good areas to ride but its nothing fancy to look at. We have a jump arena a dressage arena trails turnout and a simple, open air barn. I live in a semi rural but popular (and growing!) area of Texas. My board is 350 a month. However I do know of barns in the area that are over 450 a month with better facilities and a barn for less than 75 a month but you do all the work. Feeding, mucking everything. It all depends. I would think that long island would be more expensive buy idk. Standard Vet costs about 200 a year. This includes vaccines and floating. This may be slightly high bc even though my horse is incredibly healthy in every other way she has bad teeth and this requires some extra attention floating. My farrier is 75 dollars every six weeks. I would definitely suggest having some money set aside for emergencies. About 500 or a thousand whatever you can.


I used to own a horse and had him for almost 20 years and have been riding for about 25 years. Maybe you could find someone willing to lease their horse to you. Allot of people start off that way as I myself did. It took some persuading for my parents to let me get my own horse. I would suggest if you could find a farm that you could work at to help pay for the horse and gain more experience being around them, that's what I did and it was great. If you are really set that you want your own than doing jobs around a farm will get you tons of experience with horses. I started mucking and worked my way to feeding, letting out and in, grooming and all other aspects of caring for horses. Growing up around them was the best experience and I asked allot of questions of other owners and trainers and learned so much. For how much the cost is for things that would be hard for me to answer as it has been some time, about 8 years and I'm not sure anymore. I was not at a fancy barn and I thought the cost's I paid were average. Some people paid alot more if they were big time show people. I'm trying to remember but the dentist was about $50 and I had that done every 2 years, the farrier is around every 6 to 8 weeks and depended on if you want barefoot or shoes. A trim was about $25 and shoes I think was $60-$70. Vet check up is once a year and was about $125 including shots. You will also need to have a horse on a worming schedule, check with a vet on what they recomend and you give it to them yourself at about $15 for the womer. With your riding it sounds like you are an english rider, I did ride english but prefered western. My horse was a very loving Quarter Horse and he would do anything as long as he trusted you and was a very comfortable ride english or western. You sound very smart and educated with what you have learned so far and I think you would be a great horse owner. I hope this helped and good luck!


I live in NY in an area that is much cheaper than Long Island, and I would need over $4,000 per year to keep a horse at barn that does full care. That doesn't include any tack or equipment. It's impossible for us to add up how much your costs would be - you need to do that. Ask horse owners at the barn you ride at what the local prices are. You would probably be using their vets and farriers anyway, so that would give you a better idea.


In response to your second problem, don't worry. It is not very often that you will get dumped at a lesson since most of the horses are all very used to being ridden (and many are just lazy), but the truth is: it happens. To feel comfortable when on a horse, get some confidence. Just think, "There is a chance that I might fall, but I'm okay with that. I'll deal with that problem when it arises." You are the boss of your horse. Make sure that you have the proper form when riding and hold on with your knees. Don't rely on the stirrups or the reins to keep you up there. They are NOT for save-me-from-falling purposes. Your knees will keep you up there if you keep your posture. A lot of times when the riders get scared, their form will visibly crumble. They will slouch and try to hold on to a horse that is jumping around. Not a good idea, trust me! :) Keep your back straight, legs long (if you "crumble" you will probably pull your legs up and that will more than likely take your feet out of the stirrups further complicating the problem), and hold on to the saddle with your hands. Don't try to be stiff, but rock with his motion. Hope this helps!


I was alittle worried about the cost my self when we got our horses,but it wasn't so bad. It all depends on what you're going to do. I don't board So I know that helps keep the expences down. My farrier costs $65.00 thats every 8 weeks, I got my mare's teeth floated and her shots all for under $100 dollars. The cost for a vet to come out varies, mine costs $30. I got my colt gelded and all his shots for $250. I live in Colorado, so it might be differant there. I hope this helps alittle good luck.


hi my name is jade. im answering your 2nd ? the one about feeling confidence on horse D. its really simple actually. im no intermediate or anything, i walk, trot, and canter. but when your riding, sit up straight and keep a firm but loose grip on the horses flanks, you dont want him bolting again. also, one thing that really helps is when you keep a firm hold on the reigns. it tells the horse that you know who's boss(thats you)and that your not going to let him fall. it also helps the partnership between you and him. email me for more info because I got a lot more for you. I'd also like to know how it works out. My



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