Can an unwarranted collection be a voilation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

Can an unwarranted collection be a voilation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

Can an unwarranted collection be a voilation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act?


Well, it sure sounds unethical...I would tell the flat that you are not going to pay the fee because of their mistake. If they refuse to have it pulled from collections, make the claim to the insurance yourself (it is a pain but you can do it) and pay the collections directly. I would also submit a dispute form to all three credit bureaus, so this does not mar your credit any further. Also, once the bill is resolved ask for it to be removed since it was placed in error I would also recomend trying to get something in writing from either your insurer or the dentist office (or both) that had the dental office submitted the claim it would have been paid in full, therefor there would have been no reason for it to be placed in collections. This is to protect you incase you have a difficult time getting the collections agency to comply. I have had experiance trying to get a collections agency to remove something that was a blatent error and I had a horrible time...they required written proof plus documentation of payment to the business that sold the debt.



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