Can anyone put these universities in order please?!!!!!?

Can anyone put these universities in order please?!!!!!?

Can anyone put these universities in order please?!!!!!?


john hopkins nyu boston u california @ fullerton colorado state u of colorado john hopkins is the way to go for any medical studies!!! they are #1



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Dentist. Anesthesia 4 year old. scared!!?
First of all calm down you don't have to worry that much. When I was 13 I got like 8 teeth pulled at the same time. All I had was some novicane and it wasn't that bad. The blood might freek her out a bit so keep her mind off it with games/TV. She may not be in best condition so really all she...

Toddlers first dentist visit?
Our daughter had her first dentist visit at 17 months..our insurance actually encourages it, basically because they want you to use it every three years for routine purposes and they encourage toddlers to go after their 1st Birthday, so we decided to take our daughter just after she turned...

How much does an orthodonist get paided?
Top 10 reasons to be a dentist by the American Dental Association - see #9 Be your own boss and own a dental practice Create your own hours Give patients smiles they are proud to wear Unravel scientific mysteries Feel good about improving patients’ health and appearance Use lasers, computer-generated...

Tooth Cavity during pregnancy?
Ring the dentist, ask if the anesthetic will affect your baby and make an appointment. As the anesthetic is local, it probably won't affect the baby too much. The thing that will affect your baby is your lack of sleep due to the pain the tooth is causing. See

Dental schools in chicago?
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry is the only one actually in Chicago. Northwestern University has a dental school, but it closed ~1999. In the nearby suburb of Downers Grove is the new College of Dental Medicine-Illinois. It has the status of "initial accreditation"...