Can anyone recommend a good NHS dentist in the West End of Glasgow?

Can anyone recommend a good NHS dentist in the West End of Glasgow?

Can anyone recommend a good NHS dentist in the West End of Glasgow?


You could go to the Glasgow Dental School on Sauchiehall St it is very cheap and they are looking for patients.


Phil McCavity


lol to the above answer!! there is one on Bath Street opposite the Kings Theatre which is great web link below. Not quite the west end but the only one round there i know. I hadnt been in over 4 years (teeth rotting uni days) and they signed me back up really easily as a new patient! Never had a problem getting an appointment. hope that helps your gnashers!!


dr dimascio in knightswood shopping centre - been going since i was 16 many moons ago and he is fab as he is really patient yet sarcastic with it!!!



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