Can anyone suggest a dentist in thailand?

Can anyone suggest a dentist in thailand?

Can anyone suggest a dentist in thailand?


Hi WW - - I have used Assavant Dental Clinic on the corner of Thong Lor and Sukhumvit.. They are not the cheapest dentist in town but are rated high.. Their equipt is state of the art, and they are less than half of my quite reasonable dentist in the USA, who always seemed to get the new equipt later.. I have never had any problem w/the care I have been given here.. I have used BNH hospital and Bumrungrad for medical.. the latter seems to be turning a bit more into a money factory but I think you will be fine w/any of the suggestions above as well.. best to you


DentaLand in Chiang Mai is good. I know alot of missionaries use it, and the majority of the employees speak English.


You can go to any hospitals in Bangkok, I can say almost all of them are world class standard. Since I've travelled a lot in the past and sometime I can't afforded to wait for the next scheduled appointments, that's why I had experienced with cliniques and vaious hosptals. bamroonrad hospital cost may be a little bit high as it seves lot of foreigners and I don't support its pricing policy. You can go to Saint Louis Hosp. on Sathorn Road, Phya Thai 1 and 2 Hosp., Chulalongkorn University, faculty of dentist, Siriraj Hosp., Thonburi Hosp, etc. You won't be disappoined then. Please note, small cliniques on any major roads in bangkok are also give you excellent services and reasonable prices. I just filled 3 teeths with silver, 2 root canals and 2 crowning at PhyaThai2 Hospital (5 visits in 5 weeks). I paid 55,000 bht. Look expensive but I heard that it may cost 100 - 200 Kbht in US.


I have dealt with a couple dentists at the Bangkok International Dental Center. It is located about a 10 minute walk from the Huay Khwang station of the subway. It's at the Emerald Hotel exit. I usually stay at the Emerald Hotel. That was why I tried it and it opened the new building around the beginning of 2006. The first time I dealt with Dr. Nisna Khemthong DDS for a cleaning and a filling for a tooth the old filling fell out. Very thorough and easy going. The filling was ceramic and I have not had a problem. Cost was I think 2800 baht. I was in there close to 90 minutes. This was April 2006 I had made arrangements to Dr. Khemthong again but she was on vacation and I was assigned to Dr. Onusa Waleepitackdej DDS., MSc., Prosthodontics Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University Certificate, Residency Training in General Dentistry Diplomate, Thai Board of General Dentistry She was pretty thorough, examined my mouth without xrays. Found I had a deteriorating filiing in the back, we went ahead with a ceramic filling and cleaning. Took about an hour or so. Cost was only 2000 baht. I have not had a problem with the new filling. I was there November 2006 Good luck


I would contact your insurance company, if you have it.


Dental clinics are everywhere in Thailand. And the standard of dentistry is excellent and typically at a cost much lower than in the west. It has been my experience that most dentists can speak at least basic English. (I've been living here for 5 yrs.) If you are staying at a hotel during a visit, no doubt the hotel can recommend a nearby dental clinic. Or you can keep your eyes open for the signs, always in English... DENTIST.



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