Can diabetics go to the dentist normally or are there any restrictions?

Can diabetics go to the dentist normally or are there any restrictions?

Can diabetics go to the dentist normally or are there any restrictions?


To prevent dental problems if you have diabetes, taking good care of your gums and teeth is very important. Here are some tips for preventing dental problems: • Have a dental checkup every six months. • Tell your dentist that you have diabetes and ask him or her to show you how to take proper care of your gums and teeth. • Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day • If you smoke, quit. • Maintain good blood sugar control. If severe gum disease develops, surgery may save your teeth. But if that's not possible, you may have to have teeth pulled to prevent the infection from destroying the bone around your teeth.


dentists only need to be notified of if the patient's glucose level is high! In case of extraction they usually put patient on antibiotics ahead of the extraction then again some more afterward. otherwise everyone is encouraged to see their dentist twice a year minimum!!!


A good dentist will have had some familiarity with diabetes as a doctor--dentists do go to medical school. And they will have kept up with new medical treatments and discoveries that may affect their practice (these are the good ones- there are always those who should not be practicing dentistry but do and the patient suffers for it). They don't need any special training other than what they did to get their medical license (and to keep their license they have to take a certain number of seminars to keep up). You should tell your dentist you are diabetic (and which type you are) so at least he is alerted to that fact and can consider future treatments that may be affected by your condition- and any time he talks to you about some procedure you may need, remind him your diabetic and make sure he has taken that into consideration (like if you're going to be put under for a few hours or something). Your dentist can then also look for signs that your diabetes may be affecting your gums when you he gives you an exam. My dentist, every time I see him, opens my record file and goes, "got anything to add? any new meds? any changes in your health? any change in address?" and so on- I tell him what's changed including any meds and supplements I may be taking and he writes it all down (in his real tiny but neat writing) on my dental record which is reassuring to me, but I also remind him any time I am about to have a procedure more involved then a simple check up and cleaning.


I believe that diabetics are supposed to go to the dentist more often then most people due to the higher concentrations of glucose in the saliva. Bacteria seem to just love glucose. I wonder why we can't just test our saliva for glucose instead of finger pricks...


See a periodontitist. Diabetics are at an increased risk for periodontal disease, which is why you are probably losing teeth at this point. A periodontist not only can provide you comprehensive care so that you can prevent losing anymore teeth, help you to control your glucose levels, and also provide with sedation options. They can also refer you to a general dentist that will work with the periodontist.



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