Can I put Orajel on my toothbrush?

Can I put Orajel on my toothbrush?

Can I put Orajel on my toothbrush?


no do not put extra oragel i suggest using ice and just applying orgel and not the toothpaste too


If you are running fever, you have a serious infection! You NEED antibiotics ASAP, and strong ones at that!! Brush your teeth with baking soda. Infection is acidic and baking soda is an alkaloid. Do a warm saltwater rinse. You can take all the pain meds in the world, but it won't make it go away completely. Orajel wears off to quickly. Maybe put it on a qtip and place it in the spot that hurts. Ibuprofen, especially the 800mg the doctor can write, is the best for it, as it does reduce inflammation. A steroid pack as well helped me with the inflammation & pain with my teeth once. As far as the meds, **make sure you don't double dose on an ingredient like taking vicodin and a tylenol together. They both contain acetaminophen and too much will kill your liver.** I normally in this situation take 4 ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) 200mg. This would make the prescription strenght 800mg. (Be careful with the ibuprofen, it can cause ulcers, acid reflux, and easy bleeding). Then the pain med from the doctor an hour later after the ibuprofen kicks in. Then about 3 or 4 hours later the ibuprofen again followed by the pain med an hour or so later again. Alternating helps, it helps stretch the meds effec and the ibuprofen is used to break through the pain so the real meds can work. Main thing don't let it wear off completely. Take it on time every however many hours the bottle says, even set your alarm at night to take it (if you can sleep). But go to the dentist ASAP, and get antibiotics!! I agree that this infection can kill you! They can't do anything until the infection goes away! Keep avoiding it and the you will find yourself admitted into the hospital with an IV of the strongest antibiotics hooked to your arm. Dental insurance can be inexpensive and many do not have a waiting period. Services are oftered about half price of the cash price. Have to say it again...GO TO THE DENTIST ASAP!!



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