Can someone give me a list of careers in the medical field?

Can someone give me a list of careers in the medical field?

Can someone give me a list of careers in the medical field?


Pharmacist 1) Takes less time to finish 2) You can start a family and maintain it and see your kids everyday 3) Most jobs are 9-5 4) Starting salary is 75-150K depending on location 5) One of the most trusted profession in the US 6) Very flexible working schedule 7) You still get to be involved in a patient-s life Good Luck with your decision! Feel free to contact me if you are interested in pharmacy!


sports medicine, doctor, doctors accistant, nurse, and pediatrition hope i helped :)


Radiographers, Respiratory Techs, Cardio Techs, Lab Techs, surgical nurse, CNA, RN, LVN. and so on...

slkusractdizzy22 check there best goverment info!! Check they also list of allied health careers


Dr. LPN Rn Nurses aide phlebotomist Medical Assistant Obgyn Surgeon


Here's a government website -- US occupational outlook handbook: and can type into search 'pharmacy technician' or 'phamacist' and related jobs may show up at the bottom of the page. Other jobs include nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy and health information administrator (previously referred to as medical records).


Registered Nurses make moooola



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