Can you get a Doctors referral for Dental Care to claim on Medicare?

Can you get a Doctors referral for Dental Care to claim on Medicare?

Can you get a Doctors referral for Dental Care to claim on Medicare?


NO. Medacrime don't give a flying sh**


In Australia help with dental costs is only available if you have private health cover with extras, However, you can try contacting your nearest government run dental clinic (could be hospital based) for information on reduced cost dental care - but you may have to go onto a waiting list (which may be years)..


Medicare is for old or legitimately disabled people and doesn't cover dental care. MedicAID is for poor people under age 65 with no hope of employment due to a variety of problems, many of them legitimate, but primarily drug and alcohol abuse and indiscriminate reproduction by morons of both sexes who waste their school years and spend the rest of their lives thinking of ways to sponge off the public. Medicaid will get you basic dental care, but nothing fancy. Call your local hospital or social services office, tell them your story, and ask if they can refer you to a charity/public service dental clinic that charges according to ability to pay.


No, medicare does NOT cover dental, but if you have medicare they often offer a special price for you to purchase dental insurance. In my experience it is MetLife, but it only covers preventitive and dentures partially. Medicaid differs from state to state. If you have medicaid, some states give emergency dental coverage to adults for extractions, but that is usually all. Some states offer dental coverage during pregnancy. There are no exceptions to this rule, no states in the US offer full adult coverage with Medicaid. Try locating a dental school.


Why dont you get a job with benefits like the rest of us. Quit counting on our taxes to take care of you, if you cant afford dental and medical care how can you afford the internet!



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