Cats keeping my boyfriend up at night?

Cats keeping my boyfriend up at night?

Cats keeping my boyfriend up at night?


Sounds like you have too little space for everyone. Can he find somewhere else to live for the time being? Being confined to one room is putting a strain on your relationship. It would be better to be apart temporarily than permanently.


Find another reason for him to be awake


Hi, I recently moved into an apartment with my boyfriend who I love dearly. He has 2 cats, who I have always liked. I used to stay at his old apartment on a regular basis and there never really seemed to be a problem with them misbehaving too much. One would come sleep in bed with us, and the other would usually find a place on the couch. The occasional late night/early morning playtime or fight session was easily fixed by a quick squirt by my bf with a spray bottle. I thought nothing of it, I thought they were the sweetest cats .


I would say, and I bet the rest of your responses will say that you're some kind of a nut.



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