Chances at UCLA and UCSD?

Chances at UCLA and UCSD?

Chances at UCLA and UCSD?



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How is life as a dentist?
If you take after my dentist, you will be in the office from 7 am - 7 pm and he's there every day except Sundays. He is very anal about his job and everything has to be perfect. I think he's a work-a-holic. You have to be very committed to that type of a job because people hurt their teeth...

Has anyone used Holistic Dentistry?
I am a fan of Holistic Medicine and practice it. However some things need to be handled by Modern Medicine. From notes in undergrad school I learned that Holistic Dentistry is: As people become increasingly concerned about medical techniques and learn more about alternative health procedures...

Sedation Dentistry on Monday. Questions. PLEASE HELP?
The drug most commonly used for sedation dentistry is Midazolam, administered via intravenous injection. Midazolam is a powerful sedative related to Valium, which also reduces anxiety and has amnestic (amnesia-inducing) effects. So chances are you wont remember the procedure.

Do you know a good, honest dentist in Toronto?
plus very professional and kind treatment, gentle dental care too, close to Victoria Park, north of Lawrence, Dr. Raskin My previous dentist was retiring, and the replacement seemed to be a rude, incompetant scam artist, so I shopped around, and I...

Was the wild west really that wild?
Hi John - In certain places during some certain short period of time --- yes. Was it like the Hollywood Old West? Never --- that was a complete fabrication of, well, Hollywood. Take for instance, the famous gunfight at the OK Coral --- hilarious. Oh, it happened alright but well --- Tombstone...