Cosmetic Dentistry Payment Plans?

Cosmetic Dentistry Payment Plans?

Cosmetic Dentistry Payment Plans?



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Can you go to a dentist without an insurance card?
You don't need an insurance card to use insurance. You need the information off the card such as group number and ID number. You can't use insurance without this information. If you have this information the bill will be sent to the child's insurance and you. You would be responsible for...

Is my tooth decay reversible?
I would recommend you to consult with a cosmetic dentist. This type of grey spot can be removed with the help of some cosmetic dentistry procedures. Few days back I faced the same situation and consulted with an experienced cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs at Prestige Dental Centers to...

Could i ask my dentist to be took to the hospital for two teeth taken out? with general anesthetic?
It is better to have a root canal than having the teeth pulled. You ALWAYS want to save the tooth as much as possible (this is called being conservative). General anesthetic is not laughing gas. "Laughing gas" as you're referring to is N20 or Nitrous Oxide. It simply gives you a calming...

Is there anywhere online I can chat to a dentist?
You can get free dental advice from online dentists using the This is Dentistry site's "Ask a Dentist" feature. Your most immediate concerns will be answered, until the time when you can actually go to a dentist to get your concern checked.

How to become a dentist in a university..alaska?
You can have almost any major to go on to med school. Many math and physics majors go on to medical school. I know of a spanish major that went to medical school. You need to get your bachelor degree and apply to a Dental school. I don't see any in Alaska. I would contact Dr.Reuer from UA and...