Cosmetic Dentistry Payment Plans?

Cosmetic Dentistry Payment Plans?

Cosmetic Dentistry Payment Plans?



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How much do xrays and teeth cleaning cost?
Sorry this is longggggg I'm not sure how it is in other states, but here in Massachusetts, the dental insurance companies started to make it so we could buy dental insurance because here in Massachusetts, we have to have health insurance or we get fined close to the cost of what it would have...

Dentist that will accept Medicaid?
Most dont as medicaid does not pay out well

Tooth root canal question?
It really depends on your situation. Most dentists want to keep your original teeth, so would recommend the root canal. The difference - it's a personal preference on what to do now and somewhat probably based on cost. In 2013, you ware going to want to do a dental implant not a bridge like...

Is there a such thing as ghost pain in dentistry?
The type of pain you are talking about is called referred pain. Most of the time it will not jump from the lower to the upper. It is common to think you may be having the pain from tooth towards the front when it is actually coming from a further back tooth. That is because the same nerve...