Creationists: What do you make of these prominent "Creation scientists"?

Creationists: What do you make of these prominent "Creation scientists"?

Creationists: What do you make of these prominent "Creation scientists"?


Talk origins is a biased web site not worth reading. I've found numerous flaws and disconnected reasoning in their articles, enough to understand there is little editing and no peer review, as science demands.


I think the number of highly accredited creationists far out way the list you came up with. I think some creationists form the list you mentioned did not really push their honorary doctorate to the degree your suggest. I tend to pay more attention to creationist groups where there are groups of scientists who can give eachother constructive critisism like AIG or ICR In any case there are many people with a Christian creationist view with a PhD in science and engineering from major universities, well... me for example. I have two masters and a doctorate. and in any case a PhD is not the end all of truth, a person can have a BS or MS and make many valid points.


Hello.. :) Praise the Lord..The Last Ent Wife..Amen!! I for one will not search for non-believers that may have done the same..for it would only breed anger..and we are to Love one another and repay evil with Love.. :) In Jesus Most Precious Name.. With Love..In Christ.. :)


Just a bit of additional information: Patriot University, the one which Kent Hovind got his degree from, only offers "Earth Sciences" as the only physical science class. Now, I know the school district my kids go to is one of the best in the country (we rival the private schools around here), but "Earth Sciences" is taught in Junior High around here. Its no wonder poor Mr. Hovind has absolutely no understanding of the theory of evolution.



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