a) This list is tiny compared to the scientists who support evolution, the NCSE produced a list of scientists who supported evolution with over 800 names, and they are all called Steve (there are only 4 Steves on your list): b) Project Steve is a joke inteded to poke fun at such lists. Science is not decided by a vote count, bullsh*t is bullsh*t no matter how many people believe it. c) You have to look at the credentials of the scientists not just their names. Where are their PhDs from (how many went to Bible Universities which don't give a good education - e.g. Liberty University)? How many peer reviewed papers have they published? What is their reputation in the academic community? d) All the scientists on your list who lived before Darwin can be discounted, as there was no other theory around at the time. e) A linguistics expert or an electrical engineer (there are many with similar positions on your list) are only marginally more qualified to discuss evolution than the average person on the street, how many on the list are involved in Life Sciences? Edit: I understand that you want to show that some creationists are intelligent. But even supposedly intelligent people can hold stupid beliefs, and when 50% of americans believe the creation story (thats 150 million) the laws of statistics state that some will be scientists (does it not worry you that in the scientific community your viewpoint is very very severely under represented, 50% of americans vs. approx. 0.1% scientists?).


Either way, that is a small fraction of the scientists that are out there. Not to meantion that most of the "great" minds in science do not believe in a higher being. I believe upwards 90%ish.


Can't get evidence for creation, get a list of people who cant either but still "believe" it. Science is about *evidence* what part don't creationists understand? Galileo Galilei Believed the sun was the center of the universe. Isaac Newton was also an alchemist. And Blaise Pascal sure made one convincing argument for god (if you're gullible)


The list makes me feel a bit amused... nothing more. Look above me... the response about the Steve list. I'm sure THAT list does little more than reinforce your delusion that there is a worldwide atheist conspiracy (booga booga!).


Is that the COMPLETE list of doctors that believe in Genesis? if so...that is a TINY percentage of the scientific community. c' can do better than that! btw...loved you in 'Everybody Loves Raymond'


I really like the cosmetic surgeon. Yes, that profession qualifies them as a scientist....


Actually these people were not asked about any specific Biblical account, only about their theory of evolution. I do question why you post a list that is very old, most of the people listed on here are deceased. Modern day science is actually disproving many of these old theories today. The new theory today is now called "String Theory" look it up and then 20 years from now they will have a new theory...Do you start to see a pattern here? Praise The Holy Lamb Of God!!!! He never changes.


Just like a good learned to copy & paste! Attaboy Brad!


The bias is clear and pervasive! Incidentally, did you know that there is a list, which at last count had some 17,000 signatures of scientists who dispute global warming? Why don't we get to hear from them? Same reason: poltics. In Christ, Tom



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