Cutting-edge research in dentistry?

Cutting-edge research in dentistry?

Cutting-edge research in dentistry?


Dentistry is something that I am passionate about. As for the "Why dentistry" question you should probably do some soul searching. Why are you wanting to go into dentistry is it because you have a family member that's a dentist, or could it be because you had a traumatic experience as a child and you want to be sure to make dentistry better for children now a days, or could it because you want to be an MD but don't want the hours of an MD? Whatever the case maybe you should answer the "why" question as truthful as possible in my opinion. As I go around to conferences and meetings I always ask dentist what made them choose dentistry. I have gotten some very interesting answers over the years. I can tell you I chose to because of traumatic childhood experiences. I can relate with apprehensive patients on a level others cannot. With this I have used N2O2 once in the practice I am at. Good Luck with your interview.



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Extreme fear of dentists?
Fear of the dentist is common. First find a dentist that you like. Will a male or female dentist help? Then talk to them about your fear. They will be able to give you a mild sedative before your treatment that will still let you be alert but will calm down your fears. Try bringing an MP3 player...

I need lots of information on pediatric dentistry.?
You must have a bachelor's degree before Dental school. Dental school is 4 years. Then you specialize in pediatrics for I believe it's 2 more years. The Science classes for SURE you'll need are: Anatomy 1 &2, Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, not sure the rest. You need to find a Dental school...

Are there any dentists in california/nevada who remove mercury amalgam fillings that also take medical?
First off I'd just like to say I'm sorry to hear about your problem and hope that you find a resolution. Has it been identified as the amalgam causing the problem? The small amount of mercury in the fillings should be locked up inside the alloy making them safe to remain in their solid state...

Do many dentists do pulp capping?
A pulp capping is not done with a bonded composite material, it is a medicated base that is put in the tooth prior to having a permanent restoration. Generally it is done when the decay is found to be close to the nerve and the diagnosis of the tooth is yet uncertain. A pulp cap is done and...

I want to be a doctor who has his own practice. Should I major or minor in Buisiness?
There is so much information available on opening a small practice (renting space, buying a retirees client list, etc., etc. ) that you really don't need more than a minor, if that. Business entrepreneurship is so much more involved and it's based more on products, supply and demand, advertising...