Deciding on a dentist?

Deciding on a dentist?

Deciding on a dentist?



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Cost of dentist check-up and eye doctor appointment in Canada?
An eye exam costs $50 and you will have to pay it in full at the time of the exam. For dental care, it's really up to your dentist. Many dentists will wait for payment until you receive your money from the insurance. You should discuss this with your dentist first. I'm sure they will be...

Would you trust this dentist to work on your teeth?
I had extensive dental work done in prison - by a prison dentist (roughly equivalent to a low income dentist). Not only was the service much faster than in a public dental practice, but my current dentist could not fault the work done by the prison dentist. Why do you not ask the dentist about...

Whats the difference between nursing and bottle feeding while falling asleep as far as tooth decay is concered
Before the use of the baby bottle, dental decay in baby teeth was rare. Two dentists, Dr. Brian Palmer and Dr. Harold Torney, have done extensive research on human skulls (from 500-1000 years ago) in their study of tooth decay in children. Of course these children were breastfed, probably for...

Help!?!?!?! Loma Linda University question?
Call them and ask the cost, they'll tell you. LLU USC and UCLA also take patients at their Schools of Dentistry. USC UCLA