Dental Questions??? Please answer all or one.?

Dental Questions??? Please answer all or one.?

Dental Questions??? Please answer all or one.?



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Find network for dentist and oral surgeons with united health care?
Call your insurer. They will generally be able to help you

Any good dentists in Thailand (preferably Bangkok)?
I had my teeth last worked on in Bangkok for a cleaning in 2006, though I have not returned to visit thailand since 2007 unfortunately. I had Dr. Nisna Khemtong work on me for cleaning and a filling for a couple visits during 2005-2006. She was quite good fast and gentle. Though I don't...

Help with dental anxiety?
Quit smoking, it is hard on you gums that support your teeth! I have a friend that quit Smoking and he lives in Littleton Colorado, he used laser acupuncture to stop smoking! It really does help you quit smoking! He is very holistic and wanted a natural method to stop smoking so he went to...

For anti-marijuana activists/people, do you drink?
I believe every junkie has smoked a joint but not everyone who has smoked a joint is a junkie. I smoked for 30yrs and quit because I wanted to, should it be legal I don't know would it be abused any more than it is now.... NO

How many total merit badges through Boy Scouts of America are there to be earned?
Hello Allan: The BSA currently offers 121 merit badges: American Business American Cultures American Heritage American Labor Animal Science Archeology Archery Architecture Art Astronomy Athletics Auto Mechanics Aviation Backpacking Basketry Bird Study Bugling Camping Canoing Chemistry Cinematography...