Dental Questions??? Please answer all or one.?

Dental Questions??? Please answer all or one.?

Dental Questions??? Please answer all or one.?



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What is flap surgery , weather it is dental emergency .?
it is where the dentist or periodontist cuts the gum and flaps is away from the teeth so that the root of the teeth can be accessed for complete cleaning of the root. The gum is then replaced and sutured into position so that healing can take place. Often this is done to reduce deep pockets...

Who is Charlie Norwood and why is La Raza so afraid of him?
Charles Whitlow (Charlie) Norwood Jr. (born July 27, 1941) is an American politician and has been a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives since 1995, representing the 9th District of Georgia (map). Early life and education Norwood was born in Valdosta, Georgia, was...

Can a dentist give you real Vampire fangs?
Any dentist can do it. Some may think its unethical and turn you down but if you show the right dentist the right amount of money im sure they'll do it. Do you know what veneers are? Celebrities get them all the time only, they get them normal shaped not vampire fang shaped. Im sure they could...

Anyone know about TMJ and chronic neck pain?
There are not very many people who deal with TMJ disorders. The TMJ is a very complex region and many Chiropractors and other doctors are afraid to touch it. It is a two way street, the cervical spine can cause TMJ problems, and the TMJ can cause cervical spine problems. I know of one Chiropractor...

Are there any dentists in metro Detroit that accept medicaid for my children?
You should call around to low income clinics with dental services or other county facilities that offer dental. Your state or county Medicaid office may have a list of them.