Dental School and GPA?

Dental School and GPA?

Dental School and GPA?



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I need tons of work done on my teeth and i'm broke, anyone know any dental schools or programs in PA?
You might look for a local dental school as they charge considerably less for treatment and the students are well trained and supervised. Or, ask someone you know for a recommendation or call offices and inquire if they will work with a payment plan. Perhaps a local clinic with sliding fee...

What does Honors Analysis and Calculus have to do anything with being an orthodontist, jaw surgeon, dentist?
Calculus is basic mathematics, high school level math. If you can not understand basic mathematic, you sure do not want to pursue career in a science field. There are lots of scientific research papers requiring knowledge of math such as calculus and statistics to understand. The practice of...

Dental help in columbus ohio?
I think you are asking to find a dentist. If that's correct, here is a website which rates dentists - The dentist I use is Dr. Lapierre - I personally think he is great. 40 N High St Dublin, OH 43017 Ph: (614) 889-1133

Can cosmetic dentistry will work for gummy smile?
Absolutely! I used to keep my mouth half closed when i smiled because all i saw were gums......everyone else told me it was fine but it was a self conscious thing. So i went to the periodontist (gum specialist) and he made sure i had more than enough gums (so that they wont expose the roots)...

Wobbly Adult tooth, does it fix into place naturally?
hmmm you won't believe how priceless your smile is anyway you need to see a dentist for him to estimate to degree of mobility if it cannot be saved or if it could be saved i he will also need to see if there is any infections/damaged to other teeth surrounding the one that is wobbly I think...