Dentist drill? can it cause cavities?

Dentist drill? can it cause cavities?

Dentist drill? can it cause cavities?


You can get a temporary filling material at Wal-Mart. You should dry your tooth with a q-tip as much as possible. Then put the filling material in. Call the dentist back and let him fix this for you.



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Strange Experience Getting Numb at Dentist - What Happened?
Wow interesting story. One of the top reasons for the failure of local anesthetic is infection. Why?? 1) there is increased blood supply to the infection, so the anesthetic is cleared faster. 2) it is thought the pH of the surrounding tissues is lower during infection which de-activates the...

Can I go to Stanford if I want to be a dentist?
You can at least do your undergrad work at Stanford, if you can get in [it's as or more competitive than the Ivy League schools]. Not sure whether Stanford has a dental school or not, but you could look it up on the website.

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Where is a affordable dentist to extrct teeth in indiana( terra haute area)?
Call the ADA - American Dentist Association and they will recommend someone or call an Orthodontist and ask the people in the front office who they send their patients too

What are the classes that i am going to take in university to become a dentist? (bio, chem, math, etc.?
Well, obviously the exact courses depends upon the undergrad school you go to and the dentistry school you go to. Generally, the classes are pretty much the same as pre-med. Principles of Biology I/II, General Chemisty I/II, Organic Chemistry I/II, Microbiology, Biochemistry, General Physics...