Dentist for charity work or low fee??

Dentist for charity work or low fee??

Dentist for charity work or low fee??


Some schools offer no or low cost services, look into your area to see if one of the university's offers this program. I am from New Orleans and LSU school of dentistry offered help at no or little cost, It benefits the students as well as yourself. Check into it and good luck!



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Where can i find a great dentist?
Ask around and see where your neighbors go or you can look it up online dentist in Orange, Ca

What is a general dentist?
A General Dentist is licensed to practice all areas of Dentistry. The General Dentist is the "Captain" of the Dental Team, he is the creator and manager of the dental treatment plan. By performing a complete dental examination, the dentist can determine the patients oral health. A dental examination...

I have an abcessed tooth, no money/insurance etc. Where can I get help in San Bernardino CA?
My friend goes to a local college for his dental work. It's students that work on him with an instructor watching over. I think he still pays but it would be much cheaper than an actual dentists office. Good luck!

If my dentist isn't in the directory what happens...?
If they're out of network but still accept your insurance then they cover only what they would for an in network provider. So if you're dentist is in range then it'll be covered, but if it's not then you'll have to pay what the insurance doesn't cover.

What are white spots on your teeth after braces? Finding a good dentist?
its because you didn't brush your teeth well enough when you had braces and your teeth got yellower and the spot protected by your braces didn't. look into getting some crest whitestrips or getting professional whitening done to even out your tooth color.