Dentist in Atlanta?

Dentist in Atlanta?

Dentist in Atlanta?


Can you go to Downtown Decatur? I have a great dentist Tom Price in the medical building next to the Old Decatur Hospital. Really great guy and does not believe in pain. I got 3 times a year. 755 Commerce Dr, Decatur, Ga 404-377-7711 - Phone



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I need an affordable dentist in my area. Gainesville Ga.?
Either go with the dental plans or the eHealth Plus membership. The latter is a bit more expensive but will likely save you more bottom line in the Gainesville, GA area. Compare and see.

About how much does a tooth extraction cost with out insurance?
You could probably save a lot of money by getting a dental discount plan. These plans are around $90-125/year. The dentists on these plans have agreed to give you substantial discounts if you are part of the plan. To find out which plans are available in your area, go to http://www.lowpriceddentalplans...

Family christian health center/on 31 w 155th street in harvey?
Thsi is not a genealogy question, but this might help

Ktar, allstar,kzzp, azfamily and the peak trivia for 10/23/09?
KTAR 92.3 8:15 am = EXPECTANT MOMS 11:20am = POWER 2:03 pm = PITBULL 3:20 pm = TGIF 8:20 pm = TRA Trivia -------- All Multiple-Choice Trivia = ABC Sleuth Trivia = MOUNTAIN Bonus -------- Fort McDowell Casino = ANNIVERSARY ______________________________________... KTAR 620 5:55am = SEVEN 8:55am...