Dentist new patient exam?

Dentist new patient exam?

Dentist new patient exam?



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Versed vs Twilight sleep?
Versed is used in what's called "twilight sleep" but you're not really asleep during the procedure. IV sedation is EXTREMELY safe when carried out under the supervision of a specially-trained dentist. Purely statistically speaking, it's even safer than local anaesthetic on its own! However...

Question for dentists,10 photos attached. Please help to decide: is it possible to save 4 teeth? Thank you.?
the photos are really bad cant see what you are trying to ask. if periodontitis is the problem then regular visits to a dental hygienist is best to receive proper toothbrush instruction and a professional debridement of tooth and root surfaces. untill then :- small headed, medium texture brush...

Cheap dentist or good cheap dental clinics in south florida?
Funding has been cut way back for free dental clinics in Florida. Along with everything else, it has been a victim of the recession. There are a few places left that will provide dental care for free (look up "Community Smiles") but the waiting list is unbelievable--over a year!!! If you...

Are there any free dentist clinics in Missouri?
You poor thing. I don't understand this. In Australia nearly every single hospital has a dental clinic. Every single hospital (unless you are rich) is covered by Medicare. We do not pay a thing. I truly do not understand it. I feel for you so much, my toothache was major and I could not afford...

My tooth post fell out PLEASE HELP?
You will have to be seen for this....there is no way to tell except by seeing what is going on.